9 Ways to Cope with Man Flu, a Woman’s Guide

mancoldIf you have a man with an immune system weaker than an infant’s, here are a few strategies to get you through his next bout of man flu:

  1. Resist the temptation to be too expert a nurse, lest he come to like your nursing too much. You need this nipped in the bud asap.
  2. Keep in mind that in his mind, he is on the brink of death. You’d never let a runny nose slow you down. But he is in agony. Avoid the “Are you serious?” looks, and “Really?” tone.
  3. Put on your whine armor. You are a fortress as the complaints fly at you with wild abandon. Nod empathetically as he describes his near-death experience. However, feel free to allow your mind to wander to tropical beaches or rolling hills blanketed with wild flowers.
  4. If you suspect his poor health is due to poor diet, sneak nutrient-rich foods in smoothies and sauces. (This technique works for veggie-averse toddlers, too.)
  5. If you suspect his poor health is due to lack of sleep, consider rolling clocks ahead for an earlier bed time.
  6. Encourage your little ones to play doctor on Daddy. Maybe they can help.
  7. Should there be some kid-free event you’ve been looking forward to – say, your monthly book club or girl’s night out – let this phrase be your mantra: “I believe in you.”
  8. Enjoy the six whole weeks or so before it comes around again.
  9. Do you have a man who never gets sick? Or when he does, is he outside chopping wood, installing new brake pads, and tossing the kids in the air?  I bet your kids slept through the night from Day 1, too. Why are you here?

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1 Response to 9 Ways to Cope with Man Flu, a Woman’s Guide

  1. Wife Talk says:

    Hahaha. My husband is suuuuch a baby when it comes to feeling sick. I heard a funny comment the other day. “I’m so glad that my husband got the flu last week. It gave him the unique opportunity to understand how I felt during child labor.” Hahaha

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