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My Not-One-Size-Fits-All Parenting Advice

The blogosphere is full of positive parenting manifestos and well-meaning tips. For example: Never say Hurry up. They grow up so fast, make sure to be in the moment with them. If she doesn’t want you to leave, don’t leave — don’t let … Continue reading

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Life These Days

We’ve started to find our day-to-day groove with a larger, wilder, messier family. Some days certainly come apart at the seams more than others, but patterns are emerging. Here’s a little entry to process and reflect. Kids Life with two … Continue reading

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Silently Drawn: So I Quit My Job, Now What?

This morning, standing in front of 20 or so surprisingly eager 10th graders in their Writers Workshop class, I got the giddy urge to share the news. After ten years, it’s my last week as a teacher. At least for … Continue reading

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Ingredients for Creativity, According to Me, Steve Jobs, Einstein, and my Cousin Lisa

Something that’s been on my mind is creativity: what is it and how does it happen? Halloween week seems a particularly apt week to explore it. More than any other holiday, Halloween celebrates creativity. The focus isn’t on gifts or … Continue reading

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My Magic Word is Balance

Thomas Merton said, “Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony.” I suppose that those who master some skill or art – especially those who become the best at it – must devote the … Continue reading

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